“Especially in psychiatry, where the spoken word is of central importance, video interpretation serves the collection of anamnesis, the psychopathological assessment of findings, the diagnosis as a pre-determination for a differentiated and adequate Treatment planning, but above all the relationship with the patient, who gets the opportunity to describe his suffering in his mother tongue and often wants to take the tablet as an amical medium and no longer want to give it away.

In acute situations, video interpreting contributes to rapid information gain.

I have not experienced any technical problems to date. The ease of use fascinates, as does the always competent translation, whereby a routine handling of medical terms is recognizable.

All in all, it should be noted that in the outpatient clinic of the Department of Mental Health of the KH “St. Josef” Braunau I had only positive experiences with video interpreting and the significant improvement in the quality standard as well as the noticeable overall facilitate communication with patients, especially with a migrant background.”

OA Dr. Monika Putz, Mental Health

Project Info

The A. ö. Hospital St. Josef Braunau is a religious hospital of the Franciscan nuns of Vöcklabruck. We attach great importance to the symbiosis of medical professionalism and human care. With around 1300 employees and 400 beds, we provide regional basic care in all departments on a high medical quality standard.

Video interpreting

  • Since: May 2016
  • Hardware used: Tablets
  • Infrastructure: Wi-Fi