“The possibility of communicating linguistically is simply the basis of social work. Without them, no conversations, understanding and no relationship between client and counsellor are possible. And sometimes it has to be really fast. It is therefore gratifying that there is now the opportunity to reach professional interpreters so quickly and uncomplicatedly. The video interpreting system is useful both in the case of crises in the women’s shelter and for the clarification of emergency calls due to its rapid availability. Our multilingual work routine has become a bit easier.”

Andrea Brem, Managing Director

Project Info

The city of Schmallenberg has been using video interpreting at the Social Services Office since June 2017. By video conference, employees at the Schmallenberg Social Office can have more difficult conversations interpreted, for example on asylum matters.

Video interpreting

  • Since: June 2015
  • Hardware used: Laptops
  • Infrastructure: Wi-Fi